65% of new jobs will appear in the next 10 years


At the end of National Scientific Workshop “Open educational system in the scienario of independent education and globalization” held by Union of Colleges and Universities in Vietnam on 5th June, Prof. Quan Hong Tran shared:

It can be said that the workshop is successful as the topic ‘Open Education” is important and practical. Hence, it received responses from many reporters

Via opinions from many scientists attending the workshop, particularly about the concept of Open Education, which attracted controversial views.

According to Prof. Quan Hong Tran, Independence is a vital factor because it’s an open solution”.

However, Prof. Quan Hong Tran said that we did not have to discuss too much the concept which we had argeed on, that open education is essential, especially in this stage.

Because independence is connected to many factors from academic independence, which means to be open on training purpose, career structure, even according to the information from Prof. Quan Hong Tran, in the next 10 years, 65 % of new jobs will appear, which means that the change of career is huge, urging schools to adapt.

Besides, independent organization helps school reconstruct its structure to be more efficient and different from that of other schools. And school will recruit, use and select, promote its source to create motivation for development and find way to administrate other investments in an education center.

“Independence itself contains openess and that factor carries socialization, democratization. Hence, independence in higher education is still a significant matter, bringing a new spirit for higher education in Vietnam” said the President of Organization of colleges and universities in Vietnam.

Open education in high school has to focus on training purpose to grasp what education wants to build in a human. However, according to Prof. Quan Hong Tran, the driving factor in open education is the will and self-study ability of learners. If missed, students are unlikely to succeed. Thus, school needs to be aware of helping them.

While many people think that we have already had 2 open institutes, have built open course ware, the concept of open education is incomplete

What needs to be done right now to to re-rate the structure of the 2 Open Institutes and learn how to invest from them.

In nowadays’ situation, information technology is rapidly developing and there is a shift among developed countries which affects developing countries. Therefore, we need to research, and learn from their way of thinking. Besides, we need to improve general education because this is an international trend whose aim is to train thinking ability and basic skills for people, and care more about intellectual property when using educational source, as well as proper investment to control the quality

Last but not least, Prof. Quan Hong Tran also informed that after the workshop, he will continue to listen to scientists’ opinions and write report to related authorities as soon as possible.

Thuy Linh – Vietnam Education