What are the changes in the duration, program, training organization and higher education diploma in the revised Law on Higher Education compared to the Higher Education Law of 2012?


The Ministry of Education and Training stated that the regulations changing from the 2012 Higher Education Law on training time, program, organization and higher education diploma are as follows:

The period of university study is 3-5 years (compared to 4-6 years ago) to be more suitable to practice and to better distinguish the bachelor’s training program and the intensive specialized training program. enemies of some branches (training doctors, engineers …);

Training programs are built according to research orientation or application orientation; The program’s output standards must be in line with Vietnam’s national qualification framework;

The system of higher education diplomas belonging to the national education system includes: university diplomas, masters degrees, doctoral degrees and diplomas for a number of specific specialized vocational-oriented training disciplines;

Higher education institutions are autonomous in designing samples, printing embryos, issuing diplomas to learners and managing diplomas and certificates in accordance with law provisions; public announcement of diploma forms and information related to granting diplomas to learners on the websites of higher education institutions;

Regarding training organization, the Draft Law stipulates that higher education institutions do not provide training links for health-related branches with practice certificates.

Lap Phuong – Ministry of Education and Training