On January 16, 2024, Foreign Trade University held a Conference to summarize the organization of the English proficiency test in 2023.
Attending the conference, on the guests’ side were: Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Khanh Ly – Captain of the Education & Science Security Team, Internal Political Security Department, City Police. Hanoi; Major Nguyen Thi Ngoc Trinh – Officer of Internal Political Security Department, City Police. Hanoi; Dr. Be Thi Diep – In charge of assessment tool development department, National Testing Center and Education Quality Assessment.

On the side of Foreign Trade University, there were Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Anh Tuan – Party Committee Secretary, School Principal; Associate Professor, Dr. Le Thi Thu Thuy – Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairwoman of the School Council; Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Phuc Hien – Director of the Center for Testing and Quality Assurance (KT&QA); Dr. Dao Thi Hong Hanh – Deputy Director of the Center for Audit and Quality Assurance Head, Deputy Head of some units in the University, along with lecturers and staff of the University.

Speaking at the opening of the Conference, Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Anh Tuan – Secretary of the Party Committee and Principal said that in order to be able to organize an English proficiency test according to the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework for Vietnam, , Foreign Trade University has had 2 years to best prepare for human resources and facilities to serve the organization of exams and issuance of certificates. In November 2022, the School officially became one of 26 units in the country allowed to organize exams and issue English proficiency certificates according to the 6-level NLNN Framework for Vietnam (referred to as Vstep certificate). In 2023, Foreign Trade University did a very good job of organizing the exam, without any incidents occurring during the exam organization. The school has done a good job of training staff involved in proctoring and marking exams, disseminating and giving detailed instructions to candidates about exam regulations and how to take tests so that cases of violating regulations do not occur. Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Anh Tuan expressed his hope that the Center for Auditing and Quality Assurance and the coordinating organizing units will continue to promote to do better, achieving an even higher number of candidates, so that Foreign Trade University will always be one of the leading universities in the world. The top choice of society not only in the field of training but also in the field of providing foreign language competency assessment services for those in need. The school hopes to receive many opinions from the participating units in coordination with the school and from the units, officers and lecturers directly participating in the organization of exams at the conference to improve quality.

At the conference, Dr. Dao Thi Hong Hanh – Deputy Director of the Center for Audit and Quality Assurance reported summarizing the organization of the 2023 English proficiency test at Foreign Trade University. In March 2022, Foreign Trade University began organizing the exam and issuing English proficiency certificates for the first phase of 2023. As of December 2023, the University has organized 07 exam sessions with a total of 731 candidates registered for the exam and 608 candidates were awarded certificates. In 2023, Foreign Trade University has developed a bank of exam questions and successfully organized 02 English proficiency tests for candidates taking the entrance exam for master’s degree training at the University. Foreign Trade in July and November 2023 with a total of 244 candidates registering to take the exam.

Under the close direction of the School’s leadership and active coordination from relevant units in the School, the organization of English proficiency testing has been implemented regularly, continuously and is increasingly recognized. receives a lot of attention from individuals who want to have their English proficiency assessed and be issued a certificate of English proficiency.

Within the framework of the Conference, discussion and exchange sessions took place enthusiastically under the chairmanship of Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Anh Tuan – Party Committee Secretary, Principal of the School. Guest delegates, leaders of units participating in organizing the exam, and officials and lecturers exchanged and expressed opinions to improve the quality of organizing the English proficiency test at the University. Foreign Trade.