Internal Quality Assurance Training


Implementation of the strategy to ensure the quality of foreign trade University in the period 2017-2020, the Vision 2030 and the plan number 93/KH-ĐHNT- 20/06/2017 on QA and professional training, professional work of quality assurance, quality control staff employees of the University of Foreign Trade (FTU) 2017-2020.

To enhance staff quality assurance work in the unit, a day of 28/11/2017, the school organizes training on the work of quality assurance (QA) inside for the crew members to ensure the quality of the unit.

Training sessions had the participation of more than 150 members of the quality assurance (QA) at the unit and 35 employees of the base 2 (via video conference).Attend the opening direction statements and Exchange, discuss with the unit QA, ass. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan-Rector emphasized that quality is the action of both organizations, in which the positive, dynamic and enthusiasm of every individual is the plot; QA is infeasible when everyone in the organization do not understand and do not participate in QA activities.The headmaster also asked QA sector, the units concerned and responsible for the quality, strengthen cooperation with each other, unified rhythm in order to enhance efficiency, the effect of the QA work towards achieving the goals of the school.

Training course taking place all day, including 5 main contents: (i) the strategy of ensuring the quality of FTU period 2017-2020, and the vision by the year 2030; (ii) fostering training plan on the QA activities 2017-2020; (iii) quality assessment standards; (iv) quality assurance system inside the field of FTU; (v) the task, guided the work of the QA unit.The members of ĐBCL have participated in training sessions full, focused, and have discussed the difficulty of the task unit ĐBCL.Finish the training course, the crew members of QA and officer involved has the required test about the training content.